May 21, 2019
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NegahTv – NegahTv live Streaming

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NegahTv Global TV Network, a non-governmental and independent organization that begun Broadcasting in 2009. Currently this Media entity is working as multimedia in form of TV, Radio, Web Site & other Social Networks and busy reporting to audience. Negaah Television Network is Afghanistan first private TV Station that has built a station based on latest International Standard considering all users possible up to do date decorations. This Television Station is built on 5100 square meter in two stories in a rational high altitude in Kabul which is having four equipped TV Studio Stations and three Radio Studios. Negaah Global Television Network & Radio since established has implemented major media standards among Afghanistan Media, with this initiative it could connect with recent media standards with ongoing cultural society of Afghanistan and played its role in promotion of political culture increased the savor of audience realization.

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